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  • Ingeborg van Harten

The 2024 Employee Relocation Playbook

Discover essential strategies for relocating international talent. Learn how to create effective packages, manage risks, and cut costs. This playbook is your comprehensive guide to excelling in global mobility.

More than 50% of companies attract and retain international talent for less than €5,000, which is approximately the cost of a two-week open job vacancy!

Our playbook helps you navigate these challenges by guiding you to ask the right questions and build the most effective relocation packages. You'll learn:

🚀 How international hires can drive business goals

📈 The risks of relocating talent and how to mitigate them

💰 Best practices to reduce the costs of relocating talent

Packed with actionable insights and tips, this guide is available for free! Download your copy by filling out the form.


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