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About us

We are 7people, the People & Culture consultancy on a mission to create irresistible organizations where people LOVE to work. An irresistible organization puts people first. They recognize that their people are more than a ‘human resource’, they are the most essential part of what they do.


An irresistible organization is built on 3 key principles that are key drivers of how we work:


Kindness is making the best decision for your team, it’s doing the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing. Kindness is magic.


Empathy is taking time to understand your people, it’s assuming the best in someone, even on their worst day. Empathy is freedom.


Trust is creating space for interpretation, it’s believing that people will act with integrity, even without a rule book. Trust is contagious.

7people helps startups and scaleups develop strong HR foundations to drive sustainable growth and exceptional employee experiences. We build from scratch or work with what you already have. Going beyond best practice, we craft unique, people-centric solutions that transform talent attraction, retention, and development.

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van Harten


Judith de Graaff

Iris Cannegieter


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Jessie Peirlinck

Pieter van Splunter


van Lingen

Our founder Ingeborg van Harten

7people was founded in 2021 by Ingeborg. Her mission is to build irresistible organizations, where people love to work.

She strongly believes in a creative and refreshing approach to HR. Ingeborg has helped a number of unicorns to grow and is known for her love for employer branding. She makes companies attractive from the inside and outside and is a trusted advisor to many founding teams in the Netherlands. Prior to founding 7people, Ingeborg spent 15+ years in global HR roles, working for corporates and scaleups across 4 continents. Having lived in 6 countries, she gained unique insights into what it takes to build successful teams, with the right people & culture.

Our People & Culture experts

With years of broad HR experience and a track record of startup and scaleup success, our team members are your ideal people & culture partners.

Our office

We have a lovely bright office where we work together when we are not onsite with our clients.


Our office is colorful, inviting and quirky, just like us. The sunny balcony makes it ideal for Friday drinks and we get together at least once per week.


We have a big training and break-out room, ideal for groups sessions up to 10 pax.


Come and experience it for yourself – we can't wait to welcome you!

Wondering where our name comes from? Let us explain!

According to research, 7 is the ideal team size. We see ourselves as the ideal addition to your team. It’s also a magic number. 7 stands for completeness, creativity and inner wisdom. It stands for the creation of all things.

We won’t get carried away, but we do believe in creating wow moments and will definitely bring a bit of magic to your organization.

About 7people

A little bit about us, what we do, and why we’re passionate about irresistible organizations.

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