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People & Culture Foundation

Setting you up for success

You are building your company and need great people to succeed. You would love to have a high-performing team, a strong company culture and engaged employees. To get there, you probably need help with setting up the basics of HR, hiring, rewarding, and developing your people. But where to start if you don’t have the HR expertise in-house yet?

That’s where 7people comes in. We help you to create a rock-solid foundation, which is efficient and results in a great employee experience.

Building your People & Culture foundation

A strong foundation will allow you to grow better. We help you to create a rock-solid foundation, which is efficient and results in a great employee experience.


We start with creating a People and Culture plan. This is based on your company’s current phase, your ambitions and your priorities. This People Plan is a practical document, with timelines and clear next steps. Enabling you to successfully scale or optimise your operations. 


We bring you the tools, knowledge, processes and training to offer a great employee experience to everyone in your company. And if needed we hire your internal people team, hand over and set them up for success. Or we stay with you longer term, and keep running your people function.

We set up this project based on the current resources you have:

If you have no dedicated team member:

If there is no-one in your organization currently in a dedicated people role, we become that person.

If you have a people team member in place

If there is someone responsible for the operational side of people (payroll, contracts, admin) than we work with them.

We start with a conversation about your needs. Based on what you want to achieve, we scope the project with you. We will advise on the best way to approach this, our ideas, and agree on the budget.


We create a project timeline with clear deliverables. The project plan is shared with you and used to track our progress to ensure everything is nice and transparent!


This is the creation and implementation phase. We’ll design your processes, guidelines and training, and build the foundation.


When the implementation is complete, we hand over and you are good to go! We can also stay on to keep running your People & Culture function.


How we work with you

We don't work with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, we bring many years of experience, blending best practices, and real-world learnings to create a tailored solution just for you.

People & Culture Roadmap

Your people game plan! Based on your current status, ambitions, and budget: Short, medium and longer-term priorities, clearly defined in a project plan with timelines. Some call it a People Strategy, but then the actionable format.

People Operations

We set up the basics when it comes to employment contracts and compliance. Based on where you hire and the type of people you employ, we can create all the documentation you need.

Compensation and Benefits

We help you create a solid salary framework and a fitting benefits package. We can benchmark your salaries, set up your leveling structure, and train managers on how to use this in hiring and promoting.

Ambition, Mission & Values

Get to a point where your story is compelling, the mission is clear and the values are understood and embraced by the organization. We also help to identify the behaviours that go with those values, and embed them into your people processes - so you can steer towards performance!

Employer Branding

Every company is unique and has the ability to attract talent with their own brand. We are experts when it comes to building up brands and being creative with the way you position yourself. We’ll help you define what makes you special, and give your brand a huge boost by providing practical tools and templates to use.

Performance and Growth

In a high-performing organization, employees get regular feedback and know how they can grow and progress. We help with designing a performance framework that will get the best out of your people. Managers will learn how and when to have conversations, and how to inspire greatness.

HR Tooling

Efficient tooling will save you time and money. It will also greatly enhance the employee experience and make your life a lot easier. We’ve worked with almost every imaginable tool, and know which ones fit your size and budget. We can help with the selection and implementation of your new HRIS, ATS, Surveys, etc. We can also improve the way these tools are connected, enabling better integration and reporting.

Leadership Development

Inspirational leadership and strong management will make any organisation irresistible. We can help your key people become better leaders. We do this by creating manager onboarding programs, and leadership curricula, and providing in-depth training and 1:1 coaching.

We often build a strong foundation for companies who:

  • Want to get it right! You’ve got some things in place, but know you can do better when it comes to people and culture.

  • Need to grow faster. You’re on a roll, but want to do even better. We can make everything a bit more efficient and attractive.

  • Need additional capacity. Get extra support to help your current team with their busy workload.

Scroll through the slides to see what can be included when we build your foundation!

The People and Culture Foundation

I highly recommend 7people for your organization’s People and Culture needs. They are a down-to-earth, knowledgeable, results-oriented company that helps us scale quickly. I’m very impressed with the expertise and experience that they've delivered for almost a year. I believe they would be a valuable partner for any organization that wants to scale fast and well, whether you have one specific question or have them as part of your own team.

Mark de Vos  |  CEO & Co-founder GoBoony

In the 7 months that Sanne has been with us, she built a great foundation for People & Culture and acted as a great sparring partner for the leadership team. We loved having her on the team and can highly recommend other startups to work with her and 7people! Thanks so much for your great work.

Hannah Brocke | Co-founder & CSO PlanBlue

The 7people team supported us with building a professional, efficient and attractive people foundation. Sanne and Yara became part of our team, and helped us to establish ways of working, define our values, built the HR system and designed our growth framework. They also recruited our Head of People, handing over at the end of their assignment to our new internal people team. The result of our work together was much better than anything we could have accomplished on our own. Fun and professional to work with, we'd have them back in a heartbeat.

Uwe van Rensburg  |  Co-founder Biller

Ingeborg created a professional and refreshing 'people' function from scratch. She knows how to shape a performance driven culture based on strong employee engagement and has put Mollie on the map as an attractive employer. She can add a lot of value to organizations that really want to make progress by offering new perspectives and concrete solutions.

Gaston Aussems  |  Former CEO Mollie

As a law firm in the Netherlands, we immediately experienced the added value of Yara and Iris. In an interactive and inclusive way, Yara helped us define our unique company values and the structure of our back office. Based on these values, she delivered our people strategy and growth & performance program. Together with Iris, she brought our employer branding story forward which resulted in attracting multiple new colleagues. This enabled us to grow! It was a pleasure to work with them, as it helped us professionally and we had a blast.

Remko Roosjen | Partner MAAK

Ingeborg made a big impact on the growth and culture at Payaut. She helped us build a professional and fun environment, and because of her advice we are better able to attract and retain top talent.

Ernst van Niekerk  |  Founder & CEO Payaut


Answers to some common questions about the People and Culture Foundation.

  • Because we’ve done this before, many times. And it’s so much quicker when we do this.

    Your employees will expect certain things in place, well before you need a fulltime experienced HR person to join the team. When we build the foundation, it will be easier to hire someone to step in - as they won’t have to spend months on creating this.


    We normally build this and then hand-over to your new HR person, or we stay on for 1 or 2 day per week as your HR person!

  • Let us know what you need, and we’ll make the match. When you contact us, we’ll book a call to get to know you and understand how far you are.


    The amount of time we need depends on the size of your company, what is already in place, and how fast you want to have everything in place.

  • We have our own team of people, who are on our payroll and work for 7people long-term. We call this our ‘core-team’. These consultants do project work as well as interim assignments. 


    When we build the foundation, we normally work in a team - as this requires a combination of strategic expertise and a lot of execution. The average day-rate is €1.000,-

We’ll discuss your challenge, timeline, and ideas and advise you on our availability and pricing. If there is a match, we will send you a tailored quote.

Keen to build your foundation? Get in touch!

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