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People & Culture Projects

HR expertise and innovation

We help you to create an irresistible organization and build high-performing teams. 


Do you have a big project ahead of you, but lack capacity or expertise in your current people team? Our innovative approach brings expert knowledge, years of experience, and a fresh perspective to your organization. We start with your goals and vision, analyze your people priorities, and then deliver game-changing practical solutions.

People & Culture Roadmap

Your people game plan! Based on your current status, ambitions, and budget: Short, medium and longer-term priorities, clearly defined in a project plan with timelines. Some call it a People Strategy, but then the actionable format.

People & Culture Foundation

All the basics you need to offer employees a reason to work with you. The foundation means you can attract, retain, reward, and engage people. It includes setting up all the basics (contracts and tooling), your people processes, and providing expert knowledge.

Compensation and Benefits

We help you create your compensation philosophy, with a solid salary framework and a fitting benefits package. We can benchmark your salaries, set up your levelling structure, and train managers on how to use this in hiring and promoting.

Ambition, Mission & Values

Get to a point where your story is compelling, the mission is clear and the values are understood and embraced by the organization. We also help to identify the behaviours that go with those values, and embed them into your people processes - so you can steer towards performance!

Employer Branding

Every company is unique and has the ability to attract talent with their own brand. We are experts when it comes to building up brands and being creative with the way you position yourself. We’ll help you define what makes you special, and give your brand a huge boost by providing practical tools and templates to use.

Performance and Growth

In a high-performing organization, employees get regular feedback and know how they can grow and progress. We help with designing a performance framework that will get the best out of your people. Managers will learn how and when to have conversations, and how to inspire greatness.

HR Tooling

Efficient tooling will save you time and money. It will also greatly enhance the employee experience and make your life a lot easier. We’ve worked with almost every imaginable tool, and know which ones fit your size and budget. We can help with the selection and implementation of your new HRIS, ATS, Surveys, etc. We can also improve the way these tools are connected, enabling better integration and reporting.

Leadership Development

Inspirational leadership and strong management will make any organisation irresistible. We can help your key people become better leaders. We do this by creating manager onboarding programs, and leadership curricula, and providing in-depth training and 1:1 coaching.

And more...
  • Improve your Internal Communication

  • Create your Engagement surveys

  • Refresh your Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Write / Design your (online) Employee Handbook

  • Give Teambuilding workshops

  • Etc...

At 7people, we deliver people & culture projects for teams and companies who need:

  • An expertise boost. Receive guidance from our people & culture experts.

  • A creativity injection. Leverage our innovative team to drive projects forward with style.

  • Additional capacity. Get extra support to help your team with their busy workload.

Scroll through the examples to see the sort of projects we can take on to level up your people powers!

Examples of projects we regularly deliver

We start with a conversation about your needs. Based on what you want to achieve, we scope the project with you. We will advise on the best way to approach this, our ideas, and agree on the budget.


We create a project timeline with clear deliverables. The project plan is shared with you and used to track our progress to ensure everything is nice and transparent!


This is the research, design, testing and implementation phase. We love to co-create and often work with a project team including your team members.


When the implementation is complete, we hand over and ensure you have a finished product. If training is required we will create this for you.


How we work with you

We don't work with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, we bring many years of experience, blending best practices, and real-world learnings to create a tailored solution just for you.


We love co-design, working with input from employees, founders, leaders, or your people team (if you have one!).

Together with Judith from 7people we created a compensation philosophy, career levelling framework and redesigned our yearly growth and performance cycle. She keeps high pace, but also delivers high quality and also important: we had fun while doing it. We are very happy with the result and are eager to start working with our new tools.

Liza de Jong | People & Culture Manager Brenger

We’ve worked with several of the 7people team members over the past years, on a variety of HR projects. I’m always impressed with the expertise, creativity and professionalism they bring. A great addition to our own team, highly recommended.

Mieke Veldhuis  |  Chief People Officer The Social Hub

The 7people team supported Vitestro with improving our employer branding. We are really happy with the advice we received, the social media calendar, the new job advertisements, and the updated Recruitee page. It looks great, thank you!

Dewi Hamwijk  |  Head of People Vitestro

Ingeborg helped us create a professional and fun-loving People Strategy to enable our further growth. She helped us evolve into a desirable place to work with people at the heart of our organization. With an eye for talent acquisition, she also helped us find our new Head of People & Culture. At this stage we still rely on Ingeborg as a valuable advisor and continue to work with 7people. 

Jorn van Klooster  |  Founder & Co-owner Loavies

We have had a great collaboration with 7people. Judith, amongst other projects, led the implementation of our growth and development cycle which started with the preparation of job profiles and ended with a full flash annual growth cycle being explained to the entire company. It was a valuable partnership of which the result exceeded our expectations. We hope to work together with 7people in the future as well!

Pim Kerckheart  |  CFO Salonized

We have had a fantastic collaboration with 7people. Jon and Judith led the implementation of our very first HRIS. In doing so, they digitized and sustainably established many of our HR processes. Judith also created our employee handbook: a challenging project given the 16 countries we operate in (including 16 different laws and regulations!). It was a valuable partnership, and the result exceeded our expectations. We will not hesitate to work with Ingeborg and her team again for every upcoming HR project: 7people rocks!

Sandrien Boogaard  |  HR Director GoodHabitz


Answers to some common questions about People & Culture Projects with 7people.

  • Because sometimes, it just makes more sense to use external support! Your own team might be too busy, or lack experience on a certain topic.

    We love co-design with teams who need additional expertise or a fresh pair of eyes.


    Sometimes it’s simply speed, and you don’t have the resources to move quickly. We’re used to working in fast-paced environments. Because we deliver projects constantly, we have a streamlined way of working and a lot of existing examples and materials.


    You’ll find that our way of working is pragmatic and fun, and we get the job done!

  • Getting started with our team is super simple.


    If you need expertise on a People & Culture related project, please contact us. You can do this by completing the contact form, sending an email to or calling us on +31611727534. 


    We’ll have a conversation with you about your challenge, your timeline, and what deliverables you need. We can also help you with finding out what you need, in case you’re trying to solve a problem for which you don’t see a solution yet.


    We’ll advise you on our availability and pricing - and when there is a GO, we’ll schedule the kick-off meeting. This can be within a few days or weeks from agreeing on the collaboration.

  • The cost of a project depends on its length and the complexity. We assign consultants based on their experience, and a complex project will require a more experienced consultant.


    On average our daily rates are between €600 - €1200, depending on the seniority of the consultant.

  • This can be anything from 5 days to 12 months. This also depends on the deliverable and how many days per week we support you.


    After we have spoken to you about your challenge, we’ll align on the timeline and what is possible. 


    We are available from 8 to 36 hours per week - per consultant. Sometimes we work in pairs to be more efficient and faster.

  • We normally do the matching for you, because we know who has which specific knowledge.


    If we have multiple people with the same experience available, you can indicate your preference.

We’ll discuss your challenge, timeline, and ideas and advise you on our availability and pricing. If there is a match, we will send you a tailored quote.

Need expert support on a People & Culture related project? Get in touch!

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