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Creating irresistible

your People & Culture team

We help organizations thrive

People & Culture professionals, for startups and scaleups.

Our mission is to create irresistible organizations. Places where people love to work because the employee experience is exceptional and the leadership is inspirational. Our expert team will help you intentionally create great culture and scalable people processes through our innovative services:

Attract and retain more talent

Refreshing and innovative approach

Practical and scalable solutions

Boosting your employer brand

Impactful employee experiences

People & Culture Projects

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Interim Solutions

Executive Search

Employee lifecycle stages

7people looks at the entire employee experience. We can build from scratch or work with what you already have to guarantee the ‘wow’ factor at every step of the process.

Grow with the right people and a unique culture

We bring a boost of knowledge, energy and creativity when it comes to attracting, engaging and developing talent.

Our team has proudly contributed to the growth and success of:

We design & implement impactful employee experiences

Your approach is most impactful when it's engaging, refreshing, simple, creative, and above all inspirational. Kindness is Magic!

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Helpful resources

We aim to inspire and educate, which is why our team members turn their expertise into helpful articles, reports and more!

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