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  • Ingeborg van Harten

Have You Got 5 Minutes? Ep#5: D&I - Being invited to dance

D&I - understandably complex and sensitive, it's probably the least '5 minutes' topic you can get! 😬

So we did things a little differently this episode, focusing less on the audience questions and inviting an awesome guest star, the self-proclaimed DEIB advocate AJ (@Ard-Jan Schinkelshoek on LinkedIn).

Just some of the topics we discuss:

✨ Should D&I KPIs and quotas be a thing? Doesn't it risk 'positive discrimination'?

✨ D&I, DEI, DEIB - what's the difference? Why is 'Belonging' so significant?

✨ Do we really need to categorise people into separate 'boxes'? Isn't inclusivity about including everyone?

Let us know your thoughts!

Thank you to our friends at Personio for sponsoring this podcast.


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