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  • Ingeborg van Harten

Becoming Irresistible = Our learnings

Reflecting back on our event, and sharing the key takeaways with you! 

For those of you who missed it: We hosted an event. The theme was (of course) ‘How to Become Irresistible’. Do you know what that takes? It’s pretty hard actually. It takes a lot of effort and commitment, the willingness to try news things and a lot of trust in people doing the right thing. The good news? We can all make small and big steps towards becoming talent magnets, it’s achievable for any company.

This edition we take you through our keynote take-aways, next one you’ll get the workshops. So in any case, you’re not missing out!


#1 Employee Lifetime Value & Gen Z

Ingeborg (7people) opened the day with some insights on why employers should focus on becoming irresistible, and explained that with the ‘Employee Lifetime Value’.

Do you know the average tenure of a Gen Z employee? It’s a mere 2 years and 2 months. This is less than the average for Generation X (five years) and Baby Boomers (eight years).

41% of Gen Z employees will stay in a job for no longer than four to six months before deciding to quit. And when they decide to quit, engagement and productivity go down…

This means you will likely get a lot less work done by your new hires. This makes it even more important to:

  • Recruit faster (a strong employer brand really helps with this)

  • Onboard better (poor onboarding leads to early turnover)

  • Retain by offering Development (they stay as long they can learn and grow)

💡 Assessing, Understanding and Improving your ELTV should be a top priority for any employer.

#2 Amazing Teamwork

Koen Veltman (TeamBooster) inspired us on teamwork. Productivity and engagement go up when teamwork improves. It’s quite crazy to think that improving teamwork is rarely on the P&C agenda as a top priority, when it makes such an impact on employee happiness and tenure.

Koen shared the T.E.A.M. model with us:

TOP TIP: Take 1 topic each quarter to improve with the team

Agree with the team what you’ll work on, and reflect at the end of the Q on how much better it is now. This can be communication, decision making, role clarity, effective meetings etc. When you make a habit of improving your teamwork on a regular basis, you’ll quickly see improvements. It’s a team effort and the ideas on how to improve will come from the team itself.

#3 The Future of Work is Flexible

Molly Jones (Flexa) came all the way from London to share some light on why Flexibility is the future of work. If you are struggling to attract and retain talent, consider how flexible you are at the moment vs what it could bring you if you added a bit more!

Flexibility is not about in-office vs remote work. It’s about flexibility in many areas, including benefits, ways of working, hours and how much consideration there is for family matters. Candidates are looking for their ideal mix of there topics, and companies should consider which areas they are willing to be more flexible on vs the ones where they can’t be.

#4 The Roast and Toast of HR

BOOM Chicago was our surprise closing act of the event. They did a ‘Roast & Toast’ of the HR community. Some people laughed so hard they cried. 

A little abstract from their show, about the identity crisis or our profession:


🤷🏽‍♂️ Wait. You call it Human Resources, but it’s also called People and Culture?

So, is it HR or P&C? WTF?

Or People Experience?

Or Employee Experience?

Or People Ops?

It sounds like you are in a bit of an identity crisis as a profession.

🙋🏻‍♀️ So for today, you are Human Resources People or HRPs. Or as I pronounce

it: “HERPES.” A name that will surely stick…

🤷🏽‍♂️ Um, no. We are going to just stick with HR professionals. I knew HR

professionals were specialists at fighting uphill battles but I had no idea

the scope of your responsibilities in your industry! I recently saw a list of

things that HR professionals need to do on a daily basis! And it’s nuts!

🙋🏻‍♀️ Look, I’m reading here in no particular order that HR must balance:

Remote and Hybrid Work with Talent Acquisition, with Retention, with

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as Employee Wellbeing, Learning

and Development, HR Technology, Agile HR Practices, and Compliance and

Regulation, Employee Engagement and Feedback, Sustainability and Social

Responsibility, Flexibility and Adaptability, and finally Data Privacy and


🤷🏽‍♂️  You do this? That’s too much, right?

Because to be able to do all of these things would make you 🦸‍♀️ superhuman 🦸🏻‍♂️.

Which you know you are because you ARE doing all these things!

🙋🏻‍♀️ As HR you are tasked with “the Future of Work” I ask you: How? By predicting the future? Last I checked, seeing into the future was still not possible. And if you COULD predict the future, you’d be dominating the

stock market, not HR!

🤷🏽‍♂️ Then you got CEOs talking to HR about creating a High Performing Culture.

“Improve the output and performance and engagement of all people

regardless of which team they are in!” founders and CEOs ask. Neglecting

the fact that HR isn’t a genie with unlimited ability to grant all wishes!

They absolutely nailed it (the show was 45 minutes!) and if you ever need a fun act for your company event, consider this crew: BOOM for Business


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