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  • People Manager Bootcamp

People Manager Bootcamp

Excluding Sales Tax

What is it?
A one-day session for your (new) leaders. Providing insights in their personal preferences + default mode through a DISC personality assessment - facilitated by a certified DISC facilitator. After diving deeper into our own personality traits and how they influence our leadership style, we’ll work on tools/techniques to build high-performing teams. Each participants receives an official DISC report.

Expect self-awareness, inspiration, bonding - an upgrade & boost for your leaders. 

This is what happens when you buy this training:

  1. After your purchase, you fill out a survey to help us prepare for the intake (15 mins)
  2. Intake: we schedule a call with you to get super specific about your needs & desired outcome. We always tweak our content to align it with your needs. We’ll also agree on a date + location for the training day.
  3. We'll send out the DISC assessments to your leaders. They fill it out as prep work for the session.
  4. Training day!

Why would I want this?

This session boosts self-awareness and it provides inspiration & bonding for your leaders.

Anything else I need to know before I buy?
This session is designed for a real-life setting. If you want to use a different location than your office, we can help you arrange it for a subcharge. If you prefer to do this session remotely, reach out so we can explore options together.

  • A VAT-exempt invoice is available on request. Please email to receive this.

  • Pricing is includes:

    • Preparation
    • Travel costs within a 30 min range from Amsterdam
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