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  • Jesse Finn

Have You Got 5 Minutes? Ep#3: Learning & Growth

“Help! I feel like I’m stuck in my position and am not learning or growing anymore!” Ever received this question, or perhaps thought this about your own work?

It’s not always prioritised by companies, or seen as the most exciting part of the job benefits package. But you’d be surprised how often learning and growth potential (or lack thereof) is cited as a MAJOR consideration in employee job satisfaction, turnover and career progression decisions.

Who is really responsible for your career growth and development - you, your manager or your HR/L&D team? Could the best learning resources already be present within your workforce? And for those feeling stuck - what can you change to craft your future dream role?

Join Flo & Paul from 7people as they dissect these questions and more, through the many fascinating real-life "Have you got 5 minutes?" questions shared by our listeners on this tricky topic.

Thank you to our friends at Personio for sponsoring this podcast.


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